Thursday, July 27, 2006

FlickrThis collective blog was created for BBC Blast and Creative Arts East in Norwich by fifteen young people, David Farmer and Sue Welfare. Thanks to Gary Standley at BBC Voices for loan of the air conditioned space!

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What six things would you like to do before you die?

HOLD ON ONE MOMENT. Is this you trying to tell me that one day I'm actually going to die? That I shall wither and perish in futility and slip away from the mortal coil to elevate myself to a higher plane and frolic in the heavenly fields with vestial virgins?

Well, okay, the last bit sounds alright, but the whole dying thing sounds very very unpleasant to me. Therefore, it is only prudent that I state my six most prominent worldly desires to the world to enable me to see if anyone could, you know, give me a hand with them or something.

1) Travel to Japan. Have you been? I haven't. Japan is a fascinating place and besides which, I promised my lovely young friend (who just turned 20, bless her heart) that I would get there and see her. It's just a big promise. A promise that means not just the world but several solar systems to me. Sweet young Yukako-chan, soon enough we'll be eating ramen and laughing and joking and generally having an awful lot of fun.

2) Perfect my goatee. Facial hair is a finnicky business and I know I can never call myself a true pioneer of the revival of the Beat Generation unless I have a really, really, REALLY good goatee. Thinly trimmed, neatly encircling the mouth, tickly for whomsoever might want to kiss me. Hey! Some people do, you know. Don't knock it.

3) Publish my life's work. Okay, technically I'm publishing online a lot, know....that's not my life's work. My life's work is the tale of a duo of teenagers growing into adults over the course of several years in a sapient and peripatetic magical kingdom. Other prominent characters include a time travelling duck, thespian sorcerer who wears only purple and a heavily armed marooned alien life form with big ears and a ratty tail. If you are a publisher, why do you keep sending me "No thank yous"? Has it occurred to you that you should actually, you know, read what I write instead of give it a glance and move on to the next? I know you people are busy, but DAMN.

4) Play Spore. I have no guarantee that the game Spore, by genius Will Wright, will actually come out before I die, so I'm putting it as one of my wishes just to make sure. It's really going to be devillishly good, you know.

5) Live, even briefly, in New Zealand or somewhere similar. Notice how little New Zealand features in the news? As in, like, crimes, heinous disasters, etc.? Surely if you're going to live anywhere it should be an island nation of beautiful people with pleasant accents and where hardly anything majorly bad ever happens, no?

6) Live long enough to see advanced robotics come to fruition. I want to live in a world where robots and androids mingle seamlessly with our own kind in obedience and harmony. Eventually they'd advance to the point of people ending up with robot wives or robot husbands and such; cue controversy; but at the end of the day robots make things like space travel, medicine and having a conversation with someone who will always agree with you much easier.

Incidentally, the real Blog O' Beatnuki (TM) can be found

What three words would best describe your personality?

Three words, they said. To best describe my personality, they added. Go ahead, I replied. So they did. So here I am. So here I go.

Firstly, spontaneous. Ask Jack Kerouac and he'll tell you that the finest and most intriguing way of writing absolutely anything at all ever in the world ever is to make it all up completely as you go along. You can quote me on that, but I'd rather you didn't in case I'm wrong. I'm sometimes wrong. Ask someone, they'll tell you. "Don't listen to him," they'll say, "he's just a bedheaded beatnik with nothing better to do in life but pick the fibres of life apart inch by painful inch; examine them, re-examine them, peering at them through studious mirrored sunglasses and mumbling incomprehensible jazz slang.

This, of course, has very little to do with anything much, rather like myself. But spontaneous behaviour gets you places. Mister Kerouac used it to invent modern youth culture. I use it to annoy people and write tedious waffle. Go figure. second personality trait....inquisitive. Curiosity may have killed that cat, but we all must agree that he died a clever moggy and there are many worse ways to go (choking on a pretzel for example). Therefore, it's surely wisest to be curious about everything and anything in life. Go ahead, knock yourself out. You might be curious about me. You might be curious about the plausibility of lunar colonisation. You might wonder exactly how much wood a woodchuck really COULD chuck if a woodchuck could chuck would (whether he can or not remains to be seen and baffles scientists even up to the present day).

The final personality trait? Far......too......opinionated. You have been reading an example of this. Opinions are fun of course, and variety is naturally the spice of life, and the aforementioned penchant for verbal adlibbing does give me something of a habit of spouting out my opinions one after the other in quick succession. Please feel free to feel smug if you've actually kept up up to this point. I know I haven't.

And there you have it. A tentative and wordy look into my noggin. I hope you enjoyed it, though I can't promise you will. In whatever scenario, always remember this if you remember nothing else I have told you today (even if you forget Kerouac, which I don't usually allow); driving in the rain doubles your braking time by as much as twice.

about me

ruler of the sniple rifle here:

my favorite films are comedy and action films like star wars,pirates of the carribean,troy and spongebob sqarepants.

if i was a animal i would be a wolf of the high hills because i am brave and i am always alone.

if i had a load of money, i would spend it on friends and family then with the spare cash i would give to a charity.

i would decorate my room in like space theme and i will place sci-fi furniture to it.

Six things I'd like to do before I die are...

  • Visit every continent in the world

  • See the earth from space

  • Photograph the seven wonders of the modern world

  • See some other grest things in the world

  • Be in a west end show
  • Get married

The things i can not live without

the things i cant live without r footie, girls m8s and food

What i am interested in

I am interested in art aspecialy animation.

Open Youth Venue

I am on the Open Youth Venue Youth Forum. The Open Youth Venue is going to be a really cool place where you can do lots of stuff. There are two mail objectives which are a fun side and a serious side. The fun side will have lots of things including a night club, a juice bar and music stage. There will also be lots of agencies such as Mathew Project, Young Mums and Drink Awaness. Already in the venue are NYPT which stands for Norwich Young Peoples Theatre. Also on the first floor there is a Connexions Centre which is open every weekday from 9am to 5pm.



I am a rocker!

I love rocking!

I listen to the hard rock!

I live the Rock life!

Be a Rock monkey!

Be a Rock Docker!

Sam is a Rocker!

Damien is a Rocker!

Steve is a Rocker

....Dunno about Adam?


I would best describe myself as..

Strange...kinda funny i guess?.....musicaly gifted(i think).

Peace out,.

when do i feel happiest

I feel happiest when i am with my friends because they keep me company.

what three words would be best to describe myself?

the three things that describe be best are-gsoh, out going and good ina bed

I would like to be a ...

Big dog so i could bite stupid peoples legs off and eat grass like my doggie!

I WANT TO BE A..........

TIGER. because they are mostly wild and free. i think they are really cute.

The things i can not live without

the things i can't live without are my friends and family.

things i cannot live without... Foody........yummy drink and The pleasures of life..

if i was an animal i would be a?

If i was an animal i would be cheater cause then i would be gd at cards and other games

6 things to do before i die
1: have a really bad car crash
2: have a fight with a guy who knows kick boxing
3: be a millionaire
4: play football with paul robinson and edgar davids
5: have mo own company.
6: meet T.I and lethal bizzle.

What could you not live without?

If music wasn't around I would be no one. Food would be the main source which I can't live without, I eat loads!
My computer, need to create films and being on MSN while listening to the good tunes in our age. Eyes, I need them to see whats coming to me or looking at intresting things. My new camera because I love filming and creating films for people all over the world to see what i have created. I love my mum the most because she has been very supportive and looking after me all the 17 years. I good friends at BCTS they are very friendly and positive.

(Damien smells more like cheese toasties)

(for reading this smallprint you owe me £10)

If i had as much money as i wanted in one day i would?

If i had as money as i wanted i would buy all loved ones cars houses and islands including myself and i would probably buy all the homeless people a house.

Why be emo?

So tell me world, what is with all the emo people, why are they so depressed all the time, and why do thay love suicide so much, and cj smells like a cheese toastie on fire! oh but emo's are well fit tho i must admit.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ill eat you if your english
ill eat your french
ill eat you if your roger moore or
if your judi dench

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

I would be a kangaroo because they have lots of freedoom when they jump around. Kangaroos live in places like Australia where it is very hot. Kangaroos eat things like grass and they have red fur. Also I would be this animal because they can bounce high.

Three words to describe myself!

Three words to describe me would be outgoing, funny and sporty. I enjoy all sports especially football. I like to go out alot again espeaially the pub on a hot day.

i would be a parrot

If i could be any animal in the world i would be parrot because they love to ennoy and are funny amd can fly and are loud if i was a parrot i would poo on some ones head for instants the QUEENS or CARROL FATCHER!!!!

What six things do you want to do before you die ?

The six things i wanna do before i die are.

(1) Own one of the biggest nightclubs ever built.
(2)Have my own desert island.
(3)Have children.
(4)Get married.
(5)Become a grandad.
(6)Fly a plane over the world.


The things i can not live without

the things i couldnt live with out is my friends and family.

What six things would you like to do before you die?

The six things I would do before I die are:

1. Order a coffin in advance incase I die early.

2. I would travel to the island Mauritius once again and see my loving family.

3. Buy my mum a pink catalac with a driver named LES

4. Build a monument of me in my backyard made of cheese

5. Try drinking Ice tea for the first time

6. and then I would share my love with everyone that I care about.

There you have it. My six things before I die in record.

Bedroom designs

At the moment my bed room is lilic ,purple and silver i decorated it bout 2 or 3 years ago, but i wish i had waited till now because i am a bit older and would like my bedroom to reflect that. I would like to have my room in creams ,bronzes and browns.

If i had £300,000,000 I would buy tottenham hotspurs and buy a 3 million pound mansion
I would biuld a swimming pool the size of a football pitch.

Six things i'd like to do before i die.

1.Do a world tour with a band.

2.Play with favourite bands/artists.

3.Meet actors like Jim Carrey, Peter Kay, Patrick McGuinness.

4.Make my own movie.

5.Have own music studio with mixing equipment and instruments.

6.Be famous for at least 1 day/1 week

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BBC Blast instructions

Step One:

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Step Two:

Choose one of the subjects below to blog about. You can use the question as the title for the entry.

  • What three words would best describe your personality?
  • If you were an animal, what would you be?
  • What three things do you think would most improve the world?
  • What could you not live without?
  • When and where do you feel happiest?
  • If you had as much money as you wanted for one day, what would you do?
  • Which three tracks would you like to take with you to a desert island - and why?
  • What was the best thing that ever happened to you?
  • How would you most like to decorate your bedroom?
  • What six things would you like to do before you die?
  • What do you collect? Why? How did you get started?

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Origins of the blog

This blog was created for Creative Arts East as part of the BBC Blast day at the Forum, Norwich by David Farmer.